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Written by Walter Pate   
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 23:47

Sign up to our software development site that is available to users to view software issues, request custom features, report new bugs, and for notifications on new updates.

Go to the site and register so you will be more informed of what is happening for Moscore-QM

If you subscribe to Moscore-SC (Scoreboard Control), or Moscore-RM (Remote Monitor) or Moscore-RM Replay you can registe rto see progress on those projects as well

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Version 1.3.30 Update Print E-mail
Written by Walter Pate   
Friday, 15 August 2014 00:56

We are back from the Grands and have completed the necessary changes needed to operate the new Media Resources Scoreboards like the one that made its debut at the Madera 2014 Western Grands.

The new update is available on our Files page. You can use this link to download the Full version to try as a Demo version of Moscore-QM

Moscore-QM and Annual Subscription Price List Print E-mail
Written by Jamie Pate   
Monday, 21 February 2011 22:02

Pricing,  (play 2011 National Meeting Presentation for details)... *subject to new 2013 scoreboard changes*


Lower Initial Purchase Pricing

( includes first year subscription)

With Basic subscription

Was 2500.00, Now $1750.00

With Gold subscription

Was 2500.00, Now $2000.00

NEW Moscore QM LITE*

$750.00 (with Basic Subscription)

$1000.00 (with Gold Subscription)

Annual Subscription rates for existing users

Basic Subscription


Gold Subscription

(Includes $2740 of custom features† and all future custom features)...*subject to new 2013 scoreboard changes*


†Custom Features Included with Gold Subscription:
Pylon support (for Scoreboard customers pre 2013)
Matrix Scoreboard support (for Scoreboard customers pre 2013)
Expanded Scoreboard Simulator (for Scoreboard customers pre 2013)
Per Feature Transfer Count $180.00
Novice Mains as Heats $180.00
Invert N $180.00
Trophy Dash $180.00
Class Transfer Count Override $180.00
Custom Alternate Scoresheet $80.00
MSQM IntraWeb Server $300.00
Grid 2.0 (not yet released) $350
Total Custom Feature Value $2740.00


Web Training
We can offer your club training over the internet. Email us to arrange a date

Call 604-576-6631 to order

*Moscore QM LITE is our new low priced Moscore QM race day management package.

All basic features including Scoreboard Control. The only thing missing is transponder scoring.



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Changes for Maximum Overdrive Company 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Walter Pate   
Thursday, 10 October 2013 17:54

We have terminated our toll free service due to late emerging issues.

The new Contact phone numbers have been changed where possible at different locations on our web site.

If there are any questions regarding the changes please feel free to contact us at the new numbers.

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Addon Features Print E-mail
Written by Walter Pate   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 19:37

Enhance your Moscore-QM program

Maximum Overdrive Software Company has written several enhancements that better suit the way some clubs run a raceday. We now have over 10 years experience in understanding what Quartermidget clubs want to see in a Raceday management program. Check our our Addon Features menu item and see what your club can add to help enhance your raceday



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