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Written by Walter Pate   
Sunday, 17 March 2013 21:39

At Maximum Overdrive Software Company we believe in the concepts and values that Quarter Midget Racing brings to our young kids.

We would like to continue to offer Quarter Midget clubs current and up to date software that will assist the tower staff run an efficient race day.

The version 1.2.9 software that many clubs are running had reached its end of life late in 2012. Support for this version is no longer available. We spent a year and a half developing its replacement and did a low volume Beta release in early 2012 to iron out some issues before it's Stable release.The product that we are offering now is the version 1.3.x which is based on the annual subscription plan as presented to Regional and National executives at the 2011 national meeting. This presentation explains the Subscription program (click).

We also tested and released the new low cost Moscore-QM Lite package for clubs that do not have the funds for the electronic scoring equipment but want to take advantage of Membership, Registration, race setup and results of a Quarter Midget race day. This version will run a scoreboard which is a good tool for clubs to have at their track.

We encourage any club that does not currently run Moscore-QM to try the FREE DEMO version of Moscore-QM.

With the demo version you can run up to 4 events before you are required to purchase a software license which includes the 2013 subscription.

We are also trying to work towards a new line of scoreboards for Quarter midget clubs. Those clubs that have them have not regretted their purchase.

In order to maintain ongoing support of the Moscore-QM program and scoreboard displays, we are looking for good solid participation from all Quarter Midget clubs, QMA and USAC.

In the event that the participation levels are below our needs we will continue with a limited level of support for 2013. Support will include phone calls and software bug repairs with updates. We will not be offering  any new Custom Feature programming for Clubs.

If you have any questions or would like to move on with a purchase please feel free to contact us

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Written by Walter Pate   
Thursday, 13 September 2012 18:25

Late 2011 and 2012 we have been busy with five timing and scoring projects.

Moscore-QM Version 1.3.X release

Moscore-QM Lite a version of Moscore-QM that does all the registration and race setup features, creates grids and results runs scoreboards, but it will not run the MyLaps transponder. The users can update to full Moscore-QM at a later date

Moscore-SC a Matrix Display Scoreboard Control addon for Short Track Oval and Road Course racing that use Orbits software

Here we have a YouTube video of a Matrix display running with MoscoreSC

Moscore RM an enhanced app for Short Track Oval and Road Course racing. It is for pit use or spectator use and it monitors and logs live race data with names,positions, lap times, and gap differentials of all the cars on the track. The data can be replayed at any time after the race using a special player.

Wireless Connectivity with CH9001-11 Numeric scoreboard a wireless solution to older decaying wiring and easier portable setup

Moscore-QM had a limited Beta release earlier in 2012 to a few selected tracks that we knew were reliable to give us useful feedback using our new development site. With the feedback we received we made necessary changes with better results. We now have a wider area Beta release for any club that wants to move forward with Moscore-QM. Several clubs have purchased the new Moscore-QM Lite and have given us very positive feedback. Some of these clubs have expressed interest in adding a scoreboard to enhance their race day operations.

As we haven't received any new issues reported lately with the current version release we could be releasing the non Beta version of 1.3.X soon.

For details on how and why we have implemented an annual subscription program, play  the 2011 National Meeting Presentation that is on this web site.

We have been working on a wireless solution for the CH9001-11 scoreboard that we sell. It is like the one that QMA National brings to the Grand National events. Testing is almost complete, however we seem to be having delays and roadblocks in accessing a scoreboard to test with. This is a concern with us and could seriously affect our future ventures.


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2011 National Meeting Presentation Print E-mail
Written by Jamie Pate   
Tuesday, 11 January 2011 22:58

Click here to view the presentation

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Addon Features Price List Print E-mail
Written by Walter Pate   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 19:37

Enhance your Moscore-QM program

Maximum Overdrive Software Company has written several enhancements that better suit the way some clubs run a raceday. We now have over 10 years experience in understanding what Quartermidget clubs want to see in a Raceday management program. Check our our Addon Features menu item and see what your club can add to help enhance your raceday

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