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Written by Jamie Pate   
Monday, 19 September 2005 18:17

System Requirements For MoScore-Qm Software



Intel I series multicore™,or AMD Multicore™ class processor or faster.

(Moscore-QM has sucessfully been installed on some MS Surface Pro tablets, but we have not conducted any tests in a raceday to date)

Windows Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows10. (Windows® 10 recommended)
CD-ROM Drive.
Minimum 4 gb RAM. (8 gb is better)
Minimum 200MB Free disk space.
Video Card that supports 800x600 at 16Million colors (16bit).
Mouse/Trackball (optical recommended)
Windows® compatable Printer. (Laser printer recommended)
UPS (Un-interuptible power supply) with suitable power filtering capabilities. (Depends on track power conditions)


USB Serial adapters (to communicate to some scoreboards)
(If you use USB to serial adapter cables be sure to install the proper Windows drivers)
1 gb RAM or better.
Video Card that supports 1024x768 at 16Million colors. (24 or 32 bit)
Internet Access. (at racetrack)
Backup Storage Device such as tape drive, CD-RW, DVD-RW, Zip disk.
TCP/IP Networking Device. (10/100MB)

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