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Written by Jamie Pate   
Monday, 19 September 2005 18:23

Moscore QM

Race Management Software for Quarter Midget Clubs

Designed by Quarter Midget racers

For Quarter Midget scorers

Moscore QM is designed to meet all the race day management needs of Quarter Midget tower staff.

What is Moscore QM?

Maximum Overdrive Software Company has developed the first and only race scoring package designed with Quarter Midget racing in mind.

1.6000+ unique event formats are possible when setting up your race day.

2 . Print race score-sheets, lap times, results, starting grids, main to main transfers and more.

3.Transfer cars from qualifying to heats, heats to mains and mains to mains with a single click.

4.Score a race and see the cars pop onto the screen just like they would be written on a scoresheet.

What Else Does It Do?

Moscore QM also outputs to scoreboards.

Popular scoreboards are the Matrix display boards which can display drivers names, race clocks,time of day clocks, warmup clocks, Qualifying times, and start and restart lineups.

The Matrix display can also run adds to promote your clubs sponsors, send birthday greetings, and promote the good food from your snack shack. Selling add space can help with the clubs operating costs. Even a Not For Profit Club has operating costs

Maximum Overdrive Software Company recommends Media Resources as the preferred scoreboard supplier with the following benefits over the competition

  • Direct computer control:
  • No awkward and expensive manual entry hardware
  • No bottleneck delaying commands from the software to the display (lag time)
  • Native communication: commands are not lost in translation
  • Horizontal layout:
  • Pylon scoreboards with digits mounted 20 ft high take eyes off the track, causing distraction and potential safety hazards.

Warm-up session timers can be used with your public address (PA) system,automatically announce ‘one minute’ and ‘time is up’, or anything else, they’re editable.

There are 31 Quarter Midget Tracks in USAC and QMA currently that have a Moscore QM software license. QMA has also purchased a Moscore-QM software license.

The  Quarter Midget Scoreboard

Wait for upcoming news on the full color Video Display Boards from

Media Resources


Ask us about our Moscore-QM Lite if you want the raceday package without the transponder scoring costs


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