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Written by Walter Pate   
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 21:17

We just found out from MyLaps that there are two different colors of the X2 Transponders, Yellow and Red.

For Quarter Midget purposes any club that is using an X2 decoder, should be sure their members purchase the Yellow X2 Transponder from MyLaps

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Web Scoreboard Overview Print E-mail
Written by Walter Pate   
Saturday, 03 June 2017 21:11

This is a brief overview of what the Web Scoreboard will do.

As seen at the QMA Western Grands at WQMA

It is free up on the ver 1.3.48_Beta update until October

Last Updated on Friday, 04 August 2017 07:01
Next generation transponder/decoder hardware Print E-mail
Written by Jamie Pate   
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 04:48

A local quarter midget club called us recently with regards to their failing MyLaps Tranx2/3 decoder system. They contacted MyLaps Sports Timing and discovered that the Tranx3 system is approaching End of Life (Tranx2 ended already). The MyLaps recommendation was for the club to switch a new X2 system a much lower price rather than purchase replacement Tranx3 decoder. Moscore QM (QMA's Official Scoring Software) does not include support for the X2 protocol.

Other clubs report that they have been seeking alternative systems to satisfy their timing and scoring needs. Their transponders and transponder batteries are failing and will soon need replacing. The current rules specify that only Tranx160/260 transponders are legal at QMA events. Our understanding is that an RCP will be required to change this.

We are currently inquiring with the QMA National organization in order to discover the best way to proceed with this technological change which affects our software.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, feel free to respond to this facebook post or contact us directly. Development Site Print E-mail
Written by Walter Pate   
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 23:47

Sign up to our software development site that is available to users to view software issues, request custom features, report new bugs, and for notifications on new updates.

Go to the site and register so you will be more informed of what is happening for Moscore-QM

If you subscribe to Moscore-SC (Scoreboard Control), or Moscore-RM (Remote Monitor) or Moscore-RM Replay you can registe rto see progress on those projects as well

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